A Score and Four - The Story Behind

A Score and Four - The Story Behind

Life throws you random lessons and treasures through one medium – People. They say 'it takes a village to raise a child!' that is because we learn, grow, adapt and reflect what who and what we see around us. And people are the very fabric of what makes A Score and Four.  It is my reflection of the people I see, pass by, overhear or interact.

My short stories were mostly typed overnight, but I would never call any of them an overnight product. I think each and every one of them began from the day I started observing the people around. When depression started devouring the best version of me, I started looking around, trying to figure out life, trying to draw inspiration from the outside world, struggling to fight the void that was threatening to fill me. I tried to stop and listen, to reach and hold. The blurred colours that had whizzed past me so far, slowly resolved into faces. And each face had a story.

I started putting them in words in 2014, after dusting the cobwebs out my blog, a little gift that my husband gave me way back in 2011. I blew new life into Merila.gln.me, with my first ever short story, "How I met My Rapunzel!" It's been kind of a slow waltz with it ever since. Even then I refrained from posting them from any of the social media profiles. I started keeping them all treasured in my blog.

What started as a mere hobby, grew firmly rooted inside me, as a part of my identity. I started writing one story after another, slowly remembering one face after the other. The lonely homeless woman who slept with her dirty bundle of clothes in the bus stop became a story, the little boy who half-pedals a big bicycle and whirled 'The Hindu' papers in the morning became a story. I tried imagining their backstory, and it opened my eyes and world into a kaleidoscope of colours, mostly many different shades of greys.

What was merely a vague dream, started taking a solid shape through my blog and I owe a big one to LN (my husband) for making it possible. He identified the true potential of what it could be, nurtured the passion in me, pruned out my laziness and exposed me to the light of social that helped me grow. He believed me when I couldn't and that I think, has made a world of difference to me. He pushed me to start writing under my own name, called me a writer when I didn't have the guts to do it myself. Merila.gln.me evolved to Krupawrites.com which later started growing as a basic definition of who I am.

My debut book - A Score and Four is a collection of 24 short stories is the product of years of hard work, sweat, blood and tears. It is merely my reflection of the society in as neutral a tone I could achieve. It has stories of people we meet in our life every day. None of the names or physical features of any of the characters in the story would stay with you once you finish the book, but I hope the people in them will.

So, What made it all come together? Stay tuned for my next post, to know more!

Buy your copy here (only on Kindle for now): https://amzn.to/2P7PuG5